Saturday, July 1, 2017

鱼老板, Fish Boss (Handmade Fishball)

Fishball Mee Kia ($3)

A newly opened fishball noodle stall (#02-106) in the Taman Jurong Market Food Centre, and it is already attracting some faithful followers, like myself.

Main draw of the stall is its handmade fishball, but i remained pretty enthralled by their al denta noodles, tossed in flavorsome soy sauce seasoning, minced pork and fresh spring onions. What's irresistible is their crunchy pork lard.

The handmade fishball and fishcake taste fresh, not fishy at all and are lesser floury than normal. Mere thought of biting into one of their fat bouncy fishball is mouth watering. Ugh!

Fishball Mee Pok ($3)

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