Wednesday, September 9, 2015

PAP Election Rally

Election 2015 is special for Singapore. It feels different; feels important. And you senses it fiercely at the People's Action Party's rallies.

Everybody know that the ruling party's rallies always attract miserable crowd, compared to the over flowing carnival at the Opposition's. But this election, you see a significant masses for the PAP. Serious heartlanders stood, motionless, listening intently. I'm dazzled.

My first at a PAP's rally site. It was dead silent when the chief speaker spoke for a good 30 mins. When he finished at 10 pm, the pragmatic people cheered wildly! Then breezily and swift, they dispersed into their nearby homes. 

This was the last night before Singapore goes to the poll.

Rally for East Coast GRC, at 155 Simei Rd. - 09.09.2015, Wed.

Rally for Aljunied GRC, at Defu Ave. 1 - 04.09.2015, Fri.

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