Saturday, August 17, 2013

LG Optimus L7 II

LG Optimus L7 II, white ($338)

A week into my Life's Good Android and life's good.

Why the jump back to Android phone after testing out Window phone, iOS? Window phone doesn't provide updates to my favourite social media Apps like the LINE chat (it hangs sometimes too); although i absolutely love its flipping tiles display on the home screen.

And i couldn't risk having my entire data wiped out by an unintentional click on iTunes! So, it is back to old, reliable Android.

Why LG? Not the popular Samsung, because Samsung is charging premium for its branding. Life's good when technology is moving fast and competitive that the market seems to be on a level playing field - every brand of Android phone differs little. So forget about branding, go out there to explore, and pay less, for more.

Give this refrigerator brand phone a try ")

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