Tuesday, August 20, 2013

煲汤馆, Bao Tang Guan - Healthy Soup

Pumpkin rice ($1)

I like soup. Something to warm the belly after a busy morning in the air-conditioned office. We were at Blk 61 Teban Gardens, joining the rank and file of nearby workers at this popular MSG-free soup stall.

Their pumpkin rice is a must-have. 

We ordered a Chicken pot to go with our rice and just a soup to share, as the stall offers 1 time free top-up of soup! Even with the freebies, the hawker gave us yet another handful of wolfberries that comes with the first serving. Nice.

Ten Tonic Chicken Soup ($6)

While there wasn't much ingredients in the ceramic jar, the soup was robust. How do i know that? Because i'm one who gets knock out whenever i take tonic soup. And this meal did just that. I was practically flat on my desk when i returned to the office, having such hard time keeping awake! We slept like babies that night.

A pedestrian style of XO chicken pot though. So you may just want to have their soup with the pumpkin rice!

XO Chicken Pot ($6)

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