Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Return to Sushi Tei

Mekajiki ($10.80++), Hamachi ($12.80++)

Wasn't feeling like Japanese food today, because I was craving for something scalding hot. Like a soup. And was pleasantly surprised that Sushi Tei at the Serangoon Gardens actually serves their soup items hot!

Asari clams for my Udon were all plump, tasting overly of sea-freshness. Sushi was deliciously crunchy. The Wagyu beef steak was tender, but could do with a thicker cut.

Today revisit reminds me of our earlier dating days at Sushi Tei, when Ric always ordered their Sashimi salad ($9.90++) for me.

Asari Tamago Toji Udon ($13.50++)

Tochigi Wagyu Beef Steak ($29.80++)

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