Saturday, April 22, 2017

Warung Nenek


Heartwarming name of 'Warung Nenek' at the Changi Village Food Centre actually means 'Little stall of Grandma' in Malay. Sweet.

Their main stay is some well-toasted fritter (Chinese 'you tiao') and beancurd puff (Taupok), stuffed with raw cucumber strips and blanched beansprouts, done rojak style. Great for those who prefer their rojak without the pineapples and turnips. Seems familiar with what we usually have from Chinese rojak stall? But the shrimp paste used in the sauce here is much lighter, yet very palatable. We like it.

Next we followed others in buying up their little banana fritters, lightly coated with thin, savory batter. Served dipping hot. Surely, this is the best pisang goreng we had, from a Malay stall.

Rojak Bakar ($3)

Pisang Goreng ($2 for 8)

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