Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mata Thai - $10 Claypot Fish Head

Was craving for some fish head and Ric suggested we try out the 'cheap and good' curry fish head at 508, Bishan St.11 - All year round, the Mata Thai restaurant serves their fish head at $10.

Thai Curry Fish Head ($10)

That was really cheap for the freshness of the fish; one of the best we had so far. It's value for the money. And the curry gravy goes well with plain rice.

Some may argue that this was just some cheap fish head and not the Grouper. But give me an average grouper and the freshness here; i would happily have the latter.

Fried Chicken with Green Mango ($8)

However, the missing sour flavor in the curry left me wanting.

That was quickly put right by the tartly green mango salad. A two dishes in one style, you have the fried chicken and green mango salad in one. Tad spicy, sourish yet sweet with dark soy sauce mix. Good try.

In fact, if you are not having the curry fish head, there's a list of interesting Thai cuisine from their menu.

 Thai Iced Milk Tea ($1.50)

Any special drink? Their Thai milk tea has character. Try it.

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