Saturday, September 28, 2013

Burger King Breakfast Platters - My New Fab

BK French Toast Platter, with hot Coffee/ Tea ($7.25)

Ric must have thought the girlfriend silly, getting all smitten with the French toast platter from BK. So much that she wants it for her breakfast for two consecutive weekends.

Well, you can't doubt her. 

For, it's such temptation when thick fluffy French toast was dusted with icing sugar, and then dribbled with maple syrup - the sweet, mingled with savory bites of the Turkey sausage is irresistible! - she had reluctantly shared a few cuts with Ric.

BK Breakfast Platter, with Coffee/ Tea ($7.75)

On the other end, Ric preferred the macho breakfast platter of Cheese and Turkey Ham in egg omelette and a nicely smoked chicken frankfurter to start his weekend. The girlfriend traded her cuts for the frankfurter ") 

Mushroom Swiss Croissan'wich, with Coffee/ Tea ($6.25)

And while the BK Mushroom Swiss burger is both their favourite, the mushrooms recipe seems too wet for the breakfast Croissan'wich. They didn't like it. Sometimes, the best of 2 doesn't come together.

Burgers are for the rush hours; this weekend, go for the platters!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CJS Buffet Catering

Today's Lunch.

Took notice of CJS Catering while we were attending some seminars at the NTU campus lately. And i thought the caterer is very capable - with today's order to feed 800 participants! Food is good; and i'll just name a few of their items which i find memorable.

From their Tea menu, it's the Tuna Croissants, Steamed Crystal Dumplings and Donuts!

For lunch today, it's the Soft-shelled Crab, Sauteed Crystal Prawns, Curry Chicken, Roasted Beef Striploin and Roasted Duck in Orange Sauce! Yes, this was a international buffet catered specially for some distinguished guests from overseas - a 12 course buffet and most of the dishes were good.

On that other day, i remembered fondly their steamed white chicken dish that's simple yet very tasty. Well sauteed beef, lightly flavored HK noodle, sweet tasting sesame chicken and exotic tasting Ayam Panggang.

Sauteed Beef with Celery, Hong Kong Noodle. Thai Pineapple Rice

Hot Sesame Chicken, Ayam Panggang

Monday, September 23, 2013

LG Nexus 4 - 4th Google's Designed Nexus-Android

LG Nexus 4, black with internal storage of 8GB ($440), 16GB ($550)

Back from our long day out to JB, the good boyfriend called in the night to say our LG Nexus 4 had arrived from the USA. 1 for him and 1 for me, both in professional black that we preferred. He had got the screen covered and purchased the phone case - all ready for the next morning!

We swear by Google phone because it promises soonest update of the Android operating system. It is now on Jelly Bean 4.3. And is going on to KitKat 4.4!

The Nexus 4 serves as an upgrade from my present LG Optimus L7 II with a larger screen display of 4.7" from Optimus's 4.3", yet fitting nicely into the evening hand purse. Its 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU processor with 2GB of RAM is by far my fastest running Smartphone and it really does not keep me waiting.

Love this.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Botak Coconut !

Many love watching these men at work, where they stationed at a corner kiosk outside the Jusco Supermarket of Aeron Tebrau City Shopping Mall.

We never failed to be amazed by how these skilled masters managed to pop the coconut out of its thick strong husks!

Botak Coconut (RM$4.30, S$1.68)

Out it popped, into the plastic containers! Consumers then get to enjoy piercing open the ball of coconut, letting out a flow of pure fruit juice! It's such delicious entertainment.

Each time, there'll be a long queue and we were always in too much of a rush for it. Today, Ric joined the queue and was reaching when I withdrew from it as i was feeling too bloated after our late lunch for even a fruit of coconut. Next time, there will always be a next time..

汤师父, Taang Shi Fu

It was very late lunch for us and i was yearning for some warm, light food for the tired bodies. Without much ado, i chose Taang Shifu over the rest of the packed and rowdy restaurants in AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre.

Not to be taken in by the lavish furnishing, Taang serves unpretentious food, light and nourishing meals that practices traditional Chinese herbs and medicine in their recipe, albeit the bite-sized portion of expensive sea goods in their dishes. There is a recognized effort by Taang in trying to be both exquisite yet down-to-earth at the same time.

Tasty food. And we much enjoyed the sense of pampering and ease of mind for the cosy dining.

Dried Scallop & Petite Abalone Mixed Rice (RM$16.90++, S$6.62++)

Mee Suah Vermicelli with Dried Scallop & Abalone Slices (RM$13.90++, S$5.44++)

Abalone Sauce Rice Dumplings (RM$9.90++, S$3.88++)

Nourishing Jelly Ice (RM$6.90++, S$2.70++)

Osmanthus Jelly Pineapple (RM$6.90++, S$2.70++)

黑丸, Black Ball Signature

Black Ball Signature, hot with added fresh milk (RM $7.40, S2.90)

The Taiwanese are always innovative and good with their desserts. While i had forgotten the Black Ball; catching sight of their outlet outside Legoland Malaysia, in the Mall of Medini had me grabbing the nearest seat at once.

It is an awesome dessert. We had the hot selection where warm melted glass jellies were served! Together with bouncy yam balls, sweet potatoes, red beans and pearls. 

Dues to the strong Sing dollar, cost of the dessert here was halved. In Singapore, this is $5.40

Legoland Malaysia!

Being the very first to object the organizing of this trip in the hot sun; i never thought i could be enjoying the day - spinning rides and breaking screams, with the rest of the visitors at Legoland Malaysia probably unscrewed those tighten knots within...

It was worth the trip. Let yourself go, in the spins and yelling! Arrrrrrrrhh...!!!

View of Legoland from the rotating Observation Tower

Legoland Express (round trip about Mini Land)

While the Legoland Water Parks and Legoland Castle Hotel are still undergoing construction, Legoland Malaysia that opens to the public is a carnivalesque with carefully manicured landscape of greens and floral.

There is also the playing of merrymaking music all around the theme-park. I am impressed.

Project X Ride

AquaZone Wave Racers

The Dragon Ride!

Dino Island Splash!

Rode twice on the Project X; but what really caught on was the whirling on rip-roaring Dragon and the wet splashes on Dino Island!! We saved ourselves from being soaked through by covering with my wind-breaker jacket, but the pants still got partial poured on.

To really enjoy the experience, come prepared with towels and extra clothing for repeats of the splashing ride!

Dragon Bag Charms from LEGO shop (RM$36, S$14.10)

Then, before leaving, you may like to get a Lego bricks souvenir from this biggest LEGO shop in Asia. I like this Dragon bag charm ")

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chakey's Serangoon Salt Baked Chicken

It was like unwrapping a nicely warm, aromatic parcel; with great anticipation. Even the dog was dancing about and wagging his tail while we unpack this :)

The family first Serangoon Salt Baked Chicken and i rather enjoyed it. No regret of getting their largest chick ($18.50) so i could have it over 2 dinners. Ladling on generously, the oily and highly flavored sauce that the chicken was bathing in, i emptied my rice bowl!

Even the breast meat doesn't taste tough or dry as i dipped it into the rich sauce and drizzle lightly with their piquant chili sauce. Buying this chick again!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

新食界, China Fare at New World Cafe

Pork Rib La Mian, hand-pulled noodles ($4)

At the North Spine of NTU opens an air-conditioned Kopitiam, named "The New World" that operates on cashless purchase like the Marche's restaurant - you are given a card to present to each hawker and only billed at the exit when you give the card back to the cashier.

We had our fill of flour; not in a bad way, but because of the large servings, we felt really bloated. Here is some good hand-pulled noodles, as well-textured as you are seeing on the photo above and a good standard of home cooking.

Don't tell me Carbohydrates are fattening. Come, have your fill here!

Seafood and Pork Dumplings, 11 pcs ($4)

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water for Extreme Sensitive Skin, 300g (exclusive at Wastons $29.90 for 2)

Maybe it's my over-exercising yesterday, the body still felt warm, the skin tired and the cheeks irritable. So i decided to try some fine mists of the Laroche Posay Thermal Spring Water on the face and limbs. I was immediately cooled - but that could be caused by just evaporation right?

Well, the cheeks quit stinging. And as i crossed my legs, i felt them brushing so smoothly together, as if i had applied powder! It is quite amazing.

Read that in the small town of La Roche-Posay in the Vienne, is home to the largest Thermal Center in Europe, dedicated to the field of dermatology. Since its opening in 1905, thousands of patients benefited from the therapeutic benefits of the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water.

The spray promises to soothe skin irritation by external factors (the sun, dermatological treatment, dust, etc.) and guard against skin ageing. Its unique combination of mineral salts and trace elements, such as Selenium (60ug/L) gives its scientifically demonstrated antioxidant, soothing and softening properties - so that explains.

I am giving the extra bottle to Nic who has sensitive skin problem; it should help. To the normal skin type, the face sprays is simply quality water that makes the skin feel good and relaxed. All the fab about these pricey face sprays should die off soon as more get to try them.

Friday, September 13, 2013

42km Night Bike!

God knows how i made that trip back.

It was a challenge i made to myself, probably like a symbolic rite of passage of maturity - to complete the planned route of 42km, to and fro, the Big Splash and Changi Village Hawker Centre where we'll have our dinner.

The strong night winds, darken paths, the silent night, riding on a consistent terrain - it was all vividly memorable. All by myself. With a bum that hurts for 3 days after.

God knows how i made that return trip. Every paddle is earned, and I just knew I had to keep going... To complete the course is satisfyingly priceless, especially when it was one that i dropped from some 17 years ago.

The tiring uphill and smooth ride down reminds me of life's ups and down - a struggling uphill will surely led to a swift downhill! I am running the race, and trying to keep the faith.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

High Tea Buffet at Marriott Cafe

These crushed ice-submerged bottles certainly made us thirst as it greeted us at the entrance of Marriott Cafe, a dining establishment of 5 stars Singapore Marriott Hotel. That explains our 5 stars pricing for the weekday High Tea buffet at $37++.

The alcohols are excluded from the buffet menu; only free flow of good coffee and tea ")

From their Seafood market, it's just local white prawns that were served; sweet but pretty 'stiffen' meat, i couldn't get past my second. The dipping sauces helped.

Cold Station gave a superb selection of salads and dressings, Singapore Rojak, assorted Sushi and Smoked Salmon.

Sandwiches too! Being a bread lover, i was staring at the Tuna sandwich, the Norwegian smoked salmon, the curried egg Watercess and the Ham & Cheese sandwiches. But nobody eats bread from buffets right!? I took just one - the unique egg Watercess sandwich.

Don miss their Spinach Quiche, hot from the oven and the Poh Piah wrapped with soft, chewy Poh Piah skin! Everyone loves them.

The chicken satay station was the hot favourite which ran out of sticks often - even our most health conscious people couldn't stop themselves; re-filling their plates. The nearby chicken curry with freshly made roti prata had me apportioning my appetite to the filling meal, twice on my rounds.

Some 4 types of Dim Sum made it to the list of the High Tea. Staple food in the likes of Nasi Briyani with Sayur Lodeh, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Teochew Porridge with condiments, Yong Tau Fu noodles, Mee Siam, Laksa and Prawn Noodle Soup. I only had the steamed Chicken Rice, and thought it was quite good.

(Clockwise) Chocolate Eclairs, Tiramisu, Pecan Pie, Puff, Trio Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet.

Desserts should be the highlights of High Tea, agree? Well, then Marriott made it, after we deemed the offering of local fare as Mains, all too familiar and boring. But it will be a good take for foreign tourists and friends, surely.

Blueberry Crumble and Frangipane

The dessert section encompasses almost the entire range of 'what you could think of and not think of'! It was pretty substantial - English sweets, French pastry, Asian desserts. It feels like Christmas!

We should have started with the desserts earlier... next time.

Ice Kachang with condiments and Assorted Nyonya Kueh


Fresh Fruits