Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pokka's Tea Legend

Premium Milk Tea, 250ml ($3.45 for 6s), Premium Red Tea, 250ml ($2.60 for 6s)

First time we had the Premium Afternoon Straight Red Tea from Pokka was like last December. It was a rather gratifying experience. We took a sip then, and i went, "Mmmmmm... ... ... ...!" It is really nice. The brew has a delectable flavor and is suitably sweetened. 2 cartons were purchased and we were encouraged to take on their premium milk tea.

The milk tea is absolutely charming when you serve it chilled, and is guaranteed to quench any craving for that expensive cup of Taiwan pearl milk tea. So we took on another carton.

We have been taking Pokka's Chrysanthemum White Tea and chanced on the recent discovery of their Oolong Tea. The sugarless Oolong tasted surprisingly welcoming and goes a long way in thirst quenching - it is definitely a champ in the world of packed tea drinks.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pies & Coffee

Chicken Cheddar, Lamb Shank ($8.95+ per set)

Late lunch at Pies and Coffee probably had their duck confit sold out on us; we were left with their premium lamb shank and wagyu beef cheek pies. With the chicken cheddar being less cheesy wet than i had hoped and a muttony lamb shank; your safest bet would probably be the Wagyu beef cheek.

A discounted food trial with the Deal voucher, our pie set today includes a coffee or tea at just $7.90.

Long Black ($4+)

So while the food wasn't mind-blowing, the sight and aroma of the cup-staining coffee got us excited. Looking to the serving counter for clues, we saw large packets of Arabica beans from renowned Toby's Estate!

Toby's second blend, the Woolloomooloo is being brew, and it is truly excellent - rich, heavy body with a long finish. We had only wished, the added milk doesn't cool our coffee so much...

Wagyu Beef Cheek ($8.95+)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ng Soon Kee Fish Soup

"Next time we order the $4 bowl, ok?"

Was my first word to Ric, after finishing our dinner in silence approval at this island-wide renowned fish soup stall. If you haven't heard of the Ng Soon Kee in the Geylang East Food Centre, you are as ignorant as us. We were ignorant; past-tense.

Now we know. We know the wait is long, even when you don't see table-full customers at their stall because their many regulars call them 30 mins in advance to book. We know if you walk-in, the wait is about 45 mins. We know the number to call is 6747-6014!

Fish Porridge ($3)

Fish Soup with rice ($3.50)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Owl Cafe at Star Vista

Stir-fried Spaghetti with soft-shell chilli Crab ($12.90++); 
Soft-shell chili Crab with Nasi Kuning ($12.90++)

I'm amazed with the architectural of The Star Vista; and its wonderful concept of being a naturally cooled shopping mall. Therefore, give me a reason to be here and i'll be.

The Owl Cafe on its second level serves some interesting Strait Asian cuisines with a modern twist, such as our meaty soft-shell crab with spaghetti in Singapore's chili crab gravy. Go for the serving option of Kuning rice instead, for a lighter taste.

We ended the meal with a memorable dessert of bitter-sweet durian pengat ($5.80++) in thick velvety mousse, made of fresh durians! Today's lunch with Ric is a hurried one, but well worth the trouble.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Innisfree Face Mask, Korea

Innisfree Sheet Mask, 20ml (Manuka Honey, Bamboo, Adlay, Green Tea, Olive)

And so, i survived my first work week!!! HIPPeeeeeee! No kidding.

Badly deserving of rewarding myself, i had on the prized Innisfree Manuka Honey face mask that was brought over by friend from her work trip to Korea. And it felt real pampering... ahhhhhh...

Unlike most face mask that comes with nice sweet scent, i was puzzled that this one smells unnatural, albeit very lightly. The thicker paper is of good quality that makes it easy to put on, to re-arrange and adjust the fit.

Innisfree face mask is achieving as much as its counterpart, the Faceshop. It is also less overwhelmingly 'sticky', which gave me a piece of mind, not having to worry about creaming my pillow cases when i slept my face on it. Apart from its fragrant, i like this facial sheet.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flowering of a Sarracenia, the Pitcher

Day 1

This pitcher plant is like my sister's baby which she watches over faithfully every morning and evening, spraying it with water to keep its atmosphere moist. She had to - seeing the burned leaves of the plant caused by our dry summer winds.

So she is definitely ecstatic when she spots the flowering bud; and i was tasked to keep a photo record.

Day 4

Day 6

Day 10

I do find it interesting as this my first witnessing of a flower that was held upside-down, shedding its initial flowering petals to reveal an umbrella-like five pointed style.

Day 36

We watched and waited for weeks, praying for pollination in which the ovary will swell, producing seeds! And this was what i found on day 36 :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

酉川, Yew Chuan Claypot Rice

Like prisoner on death row, i was craving for some exciting food this weekend - seeking out some fun before committing myself wholeheartedly into the new job that starts Monday.

Claypot Chicken Rice, for 2 pax ($10)

A tremendous smokey flavor swept us as we roam the basement level of the Golden Mile Food Centre; i got really excited by the thought of having Claypot rice for dinner and chose a table that sits directly in front of the stall - never mind the smokey air, for i'm enjoying the whiff that seems to promise good food...!

After a good 20 mins wait for the charcoal cooking, the sizzling pot came and Ric got down to work - moisturising the tender chicken pieces with dark soy sauce and separating them on a plate before he worked the rice which i had doused with oil and dark soy sauce - as much as i like!

And nobody would bat an eyelid, when you desperately scrub off the remains of the deliciously burned rice at the bottom of the claypot. Yum.