Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ayam Penyet House

Strolling across Beach Rd towards Raffles Place, we lunched at this basement unit at the traffic junction of Beach Road and Middle Road, in the building of NTUC Income (#B1-01/02).

Ayam Penyet Set ($5.50), Rice ($0.60)

The signature dish, the Ayam Penyet portion is actually quite small with the poultry being a tad dry, while the skin is nice and crisp.

Sayur Asem ($3)

Sayur Asem has mainly Cabbages and Long Beans in the sourish, appetite whetting clear soup. Like Ric, you might enjoy the soft, yet still crunchy peanuts that are sitting at the bottom of the bowl.

Recalling its sourish taste stimulates my salivating yet again.

Terong Penyet, Fried Egg Plants ($3), Rice ($0.60)

We wanted a vegetable dish to share and opted for the Terong that came with the same sides as the meat dish.

Sides include deep fried Tempeh, Beancurb, Cabbages, Cucumbers and a dollop of searingly hot Sambal Chili.

Overall, it's a nice air-conditional environment to dine in comfortable. But if you prefer value for money and much palatable Ayam Penyet, see this stall at ABC Brickworks Market here and here :)

Singapore Food Expo 2009

Over these years, we missed many episode of the Singapore Food Expo as our first experience in 2003 wasn't particularly pleasant.

Imagine squeezing in crowds, lugging bulky buys of the many frozen food stuffs (you be tempted to buy as it's cheaper here) and putting up with sulky faced, auntie promoters who make cynical remarks while giving out free food samplings :(

1 such auntie from the Anlene counter, i observed. The Marigold drinks counter is the friendliest and most generous with their samplings.

Mr Bean's Soy Yogurt ($1.50)

Getting past all that unpleasantness, there's the food counters waiting!

I was just happily soaking in the atmosphere of these stimulating foods cooking :) and taking photos of these yummy looking foods for you.

Waffle Hotdog ($1)

Ang Ku Keuh ($0.70)

Steamed Rice from Bistro Westlake.

Chee Cheong Fun from Bistro Westlake.

Satay Sticks from City Satay.

Pastries, Puffs & such.

Braised Chicken Wings, Pork Belly.


China BBQ Squids with Curry Powder ($3)

Curry Fishballs, Beancurbs and Vegetables!

Refreshingly sweet Thai Coconut ($1) !!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and are ready to go down to the next Food Expo :)

众人好 Laksa

Would you have Laksa for breakfast?
We did today, at Geylang Bahru Hawker Centre.

Laksa ($2)

This is weighty spicy stuff! Waking up your taste buds!

The broth, though pales in comparison to that of the Sungei Road Laksa, generous helping of Noodles, fresh Fishcake & Cockles more than make up for it :)

Lor Mee ($2)

As introduced on our previous visit; their Lor Mee is the best bet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gin Buck

Gin is definitely a versatile base spirit for mixed alcoholic beverages! Just a shot of it with any sweet soft drinks will satisfy your Alcoholic thirst :)

Gin Buck is a refreshing drink with our favourite Ginger Ale, or Bundaberg Ginger Beer that we use today.

Ingredients Per Cocktail
1.5 Part Gin
6 Part Ginger Ale
1 tbspoon Lemon Juice

Pour Gin and juice of Lemon into a glass over ice cubes.
Fill with Ginger Ale, stir, and serve.

If you like a super-gingery flavor you can add fresh Ginger to this otherwise ordinary syrup recipe. Cook the Ginger, and strain out the Ginger solids.

'Tis another hot day; Cheers to Ric's new Ulysse Nardin.

Manhattan Fish Market

Contrary to beliefs that The Manhattan Fish Market is a copycat of Fish & Co, Manhattan is slowly but surely developing a fashion of its own.

Warm friendly service staffs and reasonable pricing, both has it all.

But Manhattan stands out with its value Weekdays Lunch deals that offers Soup of the Day and Soft drinks with a choice of over 5 Mains.

As in Hooters Restaurant, Manhattan serves oversized soft drinks. We have the Peach Ice Tea and Iced Lemon Tea. Alongside was the standard condiments of minced Chili paste, Tartar sauce and minced Garlic.

Mushroom Soup-of-the-Day

We started with this cappuccino cup of Mushroom Soup that's none overly salted and of the right creamy consistency. Earthy bites of Mushroom bits in each mouthful.

Manhattan Fish n Chips ($9.90++)

2 large well battered Fish Fillet topped with Garlic sauce, served with good premium Fries. It's sure to satisfy any desire for deep fried junk food :)

Poached Cherry Snapper in White Basil Sauce ($10.90++)

It's a good idea to share a deep fried dish with another of lighter option. Our poached Snapper well balanced out the greasiness of the Fish & Chips.

Further enriching the flavorsome Garlic Butter Rice with its White Basil Sauce, we had an enjoyable meal to boost of :)

As we depart, all serving staffs took a pause from their pending tasks, turn to greet us 'thank you', smiling to our face! Wow, this is taking customer service to a personal level. Am Impressed.

Good customer service and reasonable standards of food definitely makes a wonderful dining experience.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beefeater with Coke

Uncle introduced us to Beefeater Gin ($16) after we purchased it for him from the duty-free shop at the Singapore Changi Airport. I thus started reading up on the many easy & interesting Cocktail recipes on-line.

From The Nibble, Gin started out as a Medicine! It was invented in The Netherlands in the 17th century, originally intended to treat Kidney ailments.

Most had Rum with Coke. But let's make do with Gin :)

In an ice filled glass tumbler add a shot of Gin and squeeze in almost an equal amount of fresh Lime juice, top up with well-chilled Coke.

A bizarre but tasty combination of a Gin and Coke! Refreshing and different!

Be careful, the Beefeater had an Alcohol content of 47%, go easy on the portion of the Gin and your drink would taste much better without that strong aeration of Alcohol.

Cheers! To these warm Summer nights...

Friday, May 22, 2009

高荣,Eng's Wan Ton Mee

We gave Eng's Wanton Noodle a try for Tea Break today as our favourite Wanton Noodle stall is not in business today.

Char Siew Wanton Noodle ($2.50)

The portion of noodles is generous. Its Chili is fiery hot! Unpleasantly overwhelmingly hot.

So how does Eng's compare with our favourite Char Siew Wan Ton Mee on the 2nd floor of Dunman Food Centre who served theirs in identical Chili sauce?

We still love the former :) The noodles texture and Chili sauce are the winning pointers.

Crocs Sales!

White Pharma, Turquoise Athens in Sea foam ($20 each pair).

My dream for a White Crocs comes true today at the Crocs Singapore Expo Sales.

Unknowingly, i've bought a Pharma that's a particle compliant shoe, popularly used as a facility shoe in the Electronics and Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, or a Cleanroom. Cool!

The Turquoise Athens is for Mum but in my size 4 in case she doesn't like them. And am glad she does :) Let me note: Hers to be 1 size larger than mine.

(I survived the Crocs sales today after being in the queue for an hour and finally entering the hall filled with fervent aficionado of Crocs! Mine is a petty buy; compare to others who are hauling bagful of shoes to the queuing payment counters!)

Granny's Pancake

After our lunch in Blk 91 Whampoa Drive, what's come next would be Dessert at #01-28.

Attractive array of Mee Chian Kuay with Peanuts, Red Beans & Coconut fillings!

Peanuts ($0.60)

Red Bean ($0.60)

I was pleased that the Red Bean tasted smooth & just sweet enough for my liking. The Pancake, being fresh from the oven was warm and moist.

Buying 10 slices gets you 2 slices free, always.
Meaning $6 for the whole Pancake ;)

China Whampoa Home Made Noodle

So we were finally here for the famous Ban Mian after hearing much favorable reviews on this stall in Blk 91, Whampoa Drive #01-24.

Ric's Fish Maw Thin Noodles ($3)

Not being a Ban Mian fanatic, this stall still fail to convert me. The savory broth tasted delicious alright with the plain tasting doughy noodle.

My Fish Slices Ban Mian ($3)

Generous ingredients of fresh Fish slices, Mushrooms, Minced Meat Balls, green Vegetables & Anchovies. I do otherwise find my Ban Mian cooked a tab hardy to its core.

Ric feels that Qiu Lian Ban Mian would have fare better. Still this stall is worth a try if you love Ban Mian.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gloxinia - the Twins

Since its 1st Birth in March, my pot of 2 Gloxinia plants has been blooming. All without aids from Fertilizer, simply breathing on Sunshine, Water & Air :)

The Twin from Plant 1. It was a Trio before 1 bloom withered.

The up and coming Twin from weaker Plant 2 :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Homely Fried Rice

I love, i love this Fried Rice!

Acknowledging it as the Char Siew Fried Rice, it's the Fried Rice dish i grew up with and thus have a special bond in both its sweet taste & whiff of it. Mmmm...

Over last weekend, we bought the main ingredient of Char Siew from Yan Chuan Roaster remembering to request for the sweet Char Siew sauce.

1 pointer to note: Do NOT use up all the Char Siew sauce for the cooking, it maybe too sweet for the dish.

As a guide, we have below 3 cups of uncooked Rice, 500grams of Char Siew, 3/4 of the supplied Char Siew sauce.

Simple easy steps (do control the fire):
1. Heat oil. Stir frying the finely chopped Ginger, Garlic.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients, diced Prawns first, followed by Fish Cake, Char Siew, Mixed Beans & Carrots.
3. Season the lot with Pepper. Then add in the Cooked Rice, mixing it up well (low fire).
4. Add a Tbsp of Dark Soya sauce and the pack of Char Siew sauce on the Fried Rice while blending everything together (low fire).
5. When the Fried Rice had been well mixed to achieve its uniform color, add a generous dose of chopped Spring Onions and turn up the fire for a good 5 mins stir (for the flavor to soak into the rice grains).

I believe all kids would love this sweet savory dish. Used to polish off 3 bowls of it in a meal but sadly i could only accomplish 1 bowl tonight :(

Pack a big bag for next day's Lunch :)

Homely dishes always tasted best when Mom cooks for us. I dread the day we have to cook this for ourselves, cos it's never the same...

Subway's the Way

You know Subway have franchise of over 31,118 restaurants in 90 countries!?

Talk about "Eating Fresh", Sandwiches does provide a refreshing zest to our forever challenging taste buds. After you grow tired of eating greasy cooked food; sandwiches is a God sent.

For this promotion period, a set meal consisting of a 6"inch, tall drink & 2 Cookies sets you back at only $5.90

We have 2 Tuna meal set over 1 Oven Baked Chicken cos the Tuna tastes better ;)

Cookies are good here. Over what's available today, we have the Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate (not in picture), White Nut Macadamia, Oatmeal Raisins and the Peanut Butter.

We love the Oatmeal Raisins best, cos it has a nice aromatic tang of Cinnamon? Some flavor of Spices in the bite. Special, we like it.

But what's unforgettable for me was their Breakfast Egg that they only have during Breakfast hours.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bakerzin - Chocolate Amer

Chocolate Amer ($25+)

I've read much good reviews on Bakerzin, on their Desserts & Cakes. But this our 1st time patronizing.

We have their seemingly simple Chocolate Amer that's actually flourless Chocolate sponge cake layered with bitter Chocolate mousse.

Utterly chocolaty yet light for its flourless fundamental, we enjoyed it much. Flourless. Now i know it, i love it.

In the size of 12x14cm, you are paying for quality than quantity. Burning $12.50+ for it after a 50% discount, it's a good bargain for value.

Do check their webpage often to catch their featured Cake of the Month for the 50% discount promotion.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marley & Me (2008)

I have had 2 dogs in my life so far.

Smokey is our family 1st when he accompanied us through schooling, dating and career stages. He was most unfortunate to be there when we were immature and often busy, preoccupied with our activities to care for him.

Time spent on him was little. And we had abruptly decided to put him to sleep in his old sickly age of 16 years. High medical expenses were the other push factor.

It was sad that many a times; our most loyal friend was neglected of his feelings and basic needs, taken for granted, as a foil in our 'busy' short living time frame.

As portrayed in the movie, a 'troublesome' dog maybe the first thing we would put away in the face of our hectic day agenda.

As in Life, it is imperfect, and often messy with many trying moments of unforeseen circumstances. A dog helps sprinkled that genuine sweetness and humor between the saccharine and all the sadness.

Playing ball, giving him a good rub, a pat or a cuddling session is more often our needs than his.

Amid the natural wear-and-tear of the many relationships we have, the one with the dog is unceasing. Be it a reprimand session or after an abandon act, he never bores resentment and greets you with his wettest kiss when he sees you again.

This is the compelling charm a dog exudes, in their most innocent & honest display.

Marley & Me isn't cinema, it relates to everyday people like you & me in our mediocre life, real and without being dull.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Saltwater Cafe and Creek

Since last October, i've wanted to dine at the resort conceptual Changi Village Hotel since its major makeover in 2004.

And at a Credit Card promotional 1-for-1 rate of $32++ for their International Lunch Buffet, i could no longer hold out my suspension.

Bright and cheery was our dining hall with full view of the facing greenery and Swimming Pool. Its relaxed atmosphere sets our mood right for a hearty meal :)

Greenly Salad Bar.

Mussels & Prawns.

Neatly arranged on Ice cubes, these are fresh and firm. Great tasting with dribble of Tabasco Pepper sauce & Lemon squeezes.

Fresh Cut Sashimi Serving Counter.

Pig's Stomach Pepper Soup

This Chinese entree is unexpectedly good, flavorful broth and tender intestines; it comes with Gingko Nuts and sliced Button Mushrooms.

There's another pot of Creamy Carrot Soup looking real good but i didn't try, it comes with nice Bread Rolls to go with.

Century Eggs Porridge.

This plainly adorned Porridge with Fried Fritters is cooked to the right consistency, it tasted deliciously smooth.

The Round Cooked Food Counter.

There's the Fried Kway Teow (on the foreground), followed by Sauteed Beef, Rojak Chicken, Chawanmushi, Baked Mussels, Braised Pork, Steamed Fish in Miso and Sauteed Vegetables.

Steamed Fish with Miso - i love this.

Rojak Chicken - We love this :)

Braised Pork - nice.

Nasi Briyani.

Kick yourself if you ever missed this little side counter.

Fluffy Basmati rice with all the necessary works of golden Fried Fish, Masala Mutton, Curry Chicken and Long Beans in Bean Sauce. Mmmm... ...

Laksa - DIY by Ric.

It's a pity; the one here is served without fresh Cockles. Else, we would make a little dance around this delightful bowl that we shared.

Spaghetti in Creme Sauce

A choice of either the Spaghetti or Penne Pasta to go with the Cream, Tomato or Aglio Olio Sauce. These matches never can go wrong. Mama mia.

Har Gow & Five Spiced Meat Roll.

A little from Hong Kong presented in tiny Har Gow (Shrimp dumplings), Five Spiced Meat Roll and Steamed Buns. I was surprised that despite its small-scale assembly, these little 2 pieces actually tasted nice and decent. Yeah, never a slipshod job.

The Dessert section is a stage that opens with French Pastries and 3 rows of Nonya Kuehs and little Cakes behind the scenes.

We especially enjoyed the little cakes of Cheese and palatable assortment of Kuehs; those little Shot Glass Desserts of Bavarian Cream Mousse are too sweet for our liking.

Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce.

For some warm Desserts, they serve local Pulut Hitam with Coconut Milk and Bread Pudding (Hong Kong styled - with Vanilla Creme Dressing).

I have this big slice of Bread Pudding all for myself. I love Bread Pudding :) Can you see the tiny Black Vanilla seedlings in the sauce?

And we rested upon a good cup of Coffee after the heavy meal; they served Boncafe here. Some take-away with scopes of Vanilla & Chocolate Ice-cream in crispy Cone, if you could still manage to :) I can!

All in all, the quality of food here is more than mediocre and most memorable. I would certainly love to return.