Friday, February 26, 2010

品食, Pin Si Kitchen

Do you enjoy banquets held at void decks or in the open fields? Yeah, just like how dinners were held in the olden days.

I pretty much enjoy it.

Nowadays there's much less opportunity of such dinners, so i jumped on it when Ric told me there's a dinner tonight, organized by Frontier @ Ubi for their tenants in celebration of the Lunar New Year!

Had a fabulous time!

Were entertained by humorous and professional artists from 丽星娱乐, LEX(S) Entertainment Productions and having a feast prepared by Pin Si Kitchen.

Pin Si Kitchen, a newly founded company by the former Chairman of Gim Tim Group of Restaurants offers hassle-free outdoor sit-down dinner party catering with their mobile kitchen arena.

Preparing their house specialties and cuisine for the 30+ table of guests tonight.

Salmon Fish Yee Sang, 鱼生

It was an experience tossing Yu Sheng together with so many people!

Roast Suckling Pig, Double Boiled Dried Seafood in Tonic Soup, Steamed Red Grouper Fish, Stir-fried Prawns with Celery & Ginger and Steamed Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf were the few dishes we relish on.

Commendable food quality; it's as good as dining in a restaurant. With robust singing and table of glorious food, our night lasted till 11pm...

Swensen's Burger

There are always a handful of patrons having Burgers in Swensen's restaurants; we were really curious to find out for ourselves.

Mega Burger ($14.20++)

And how would you eat your Burger?
Fork & Knife? Quit acting a lady.

Have it the barbarian way, but also the most enjoyable manner of eating with bare hands!

This way, you could taste the assortment of flavor from the Egg, Cheese, Ham, Beef Patty, Tomatoes, Lettuces, Onions and Bacon - all in 1 bite.

Awesomely satisfying ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010!

I only start watching The Winter Olympic Games 4 years ago.

Living in a temperate country, these winter sports held on snow or ice doesn't hold much relevance to us, when compared to the Summer Olympics.

But, then i discovered they are such amazing Sports to watch! The thrill, grace and speediness radiated were love at first sight for me.

Ski Jumping - A Gold Medalist.

Events i watch out for includes Alpine Skiing, Skeleton, Figure Skating, Ski Jumping, Short Track Speed Skating, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Half-Pipe.

With Figure Skating being my favourite!

Short Track Speed Skating - Korean team in practice.

It's a shame; Singapore's free-to-air channel only does Highlights of the Games this time round.

Nevertheless, try catching the Vancouver Olympic Games that runs from 2-28 Feb '2010. I guaranteed you'll fall in love with a new sport!

[In News] Singapore Sports Council working to sent its first athletes to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vodka Mix - Screwdriver

Screwdriver is simply a cocktail made up of Orange Juice & Vodka!?

To think i've been inquisitive about it - it could be so easily concocted in home.

Mixed as 2 parts Orange Juice and 1 part Vodka, served on the rock - pour over ice. Commonly garnished with Orange slices. Done!

Alternatively, i prefer a sweeter mix of 5 parts Juices with 2 parts Vodka.

Was knock out instantly as i swigged the delicious sweet drink ;)

Neo Garden Caterer.

Lots of feasting during the festives?

Ric bought these over after a buffet session by Neo Garden Catering.

Overly salty Mushroom Broccoli dish apart, the Hong Kong Noodle, Butter Prawns, Breaded Fish Fillet, Steam Siew Mai were much palatable.

Any good, honest Caterer you wish to recommend?
Kindly add to "Comments" ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

步步高升 - 煎年糕!

Mom fried these Nian Gao (年糕), or "Year Cake" i called ;) Its sweetness has a very Chinese New Year 'feel' to me. I love them! Had almost forgotten how they tasted like, having missed them last year!

Making up to us, Mom prepared the elaborated recipe that includes pan-frying slices of Nian Gao and Tapioca in Flour Egg batter.

Batter Recipe, for every 100g Nian Gao
50g flour
50ml ice water
a pinch baking powder (optional)
1 egg
1 tsp oil

1. Cut the Nian Gao and Tapioca into your desired thickness slices.
2. Work the batter to the right consistency.
3. Place 1 piece of Nian Gao between 2 slices of Tapioca. Dip them into the batter and pan-fried over medium heat for 1-2 mins until golden brown.

Such classic recipe!
With my hour-glass figure at stake, I pledged defenseless, eaten 3 big pieces tonight. Yummy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


As a yearly agenda, we reported punctually at Grandma's place on the 1st Morning to pay respect and had a day of gathering with all members of the extended family.

Giving and receiving Red Packets; trading stories of our work and experiences; teasing of the young ones; exchanging cooking tips; all while munching on fattening New Year Goodies and drinks.

The warm of the Lunar New Year is simply felt as the family gathers.

For all past years, Grandma insisted on cooking a storm for this important day where she would be visited by all her dear grandchildren.

But health is failing her... So bad that prompts her to agreeing not doing the cooking this year.

I remembered those good times and miss them. Time when Grandma had been physically so strong, doting us with home-cook of traditional Hokkien dishes...

Today, Uncles and Aunties cook for everybody.

A novice like me is honored to be in-charge of dishing the Prawn dish. Grandma couldn't help looking in as i cooked, so does my Auntie and Mom.

Given a chance, I would certainly do better next year!

Some form of gambling always takes place in our Chinese New Year's gatherings. Without it, i felt something amiss. Yeah, and you don't need pay the $100 casino levy here. Haha...

This group on the floor was on Poker; another table in the side hall was on Mahjong.

If only i'm not a miser, i would be joining them in the game. Let's say next year i prepare some $$ for a little fun gaming?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Reunion.

It was a happy event. In fact, the Reunion Dinner is the most important New Year event in our family!

Main Differences this year:

1. We shifted everything out to the garden; Al fresco.
The atmosphere was great, the monsoon wind was blowing constantly; gentle glow from the street lamps warms the night. Working as a family, everybody pitch in to set up the table and food.

2. Mom's no longer a strict Vegetarian!
We sure are glad she's eating a balance diet now, as compared to her previous that weakens her with a long term effect. Now, she exercises a lot and has very good appetite.

3. We had fun with 'fireworks' - Fireworks Sparklers.
I had kept aside boxes of Sparklers from Dad. Brother spotted them and says, "Hey, whose are these? Should we light them tonight!?"

Bloated from our prolonged dinner, we had fun lighting up the Sparklers and eating again after some slight digestion. Our Jack Russell shrieks the whole neighbourhood down as the Sparklers make its sharp explosion. Haha...

Dinner lasted till 10pm; the latest we have ever... The addition of Brother's wife to the family bought much merriment; i hope our family would continue to grow...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I never wish to miss Lunar New Year Flowers Fair!

Ric was accompanying me along the Thomson Rd many florist wholesaler; under the sun while i was busy photographing away ;)

Bringing you the freshest BLOOM for the coming Lunar New Year!

Hope you've taken some time to enjoy each of these photos.

All my very BEST WISHES TO YOU for the New Year!

年年有"鱼" @ Swensen

We are supporter for Swensen's 1-for-1 Mains :) Catching the offers at Plaza Singapura today. The promotion is back with new printed menu and slight price increase.

Grilled Fish Samba ($14.90++)

Chili Fish Pasta ($14.90++)

The above Mains had been previously reviewed, read here.
But both seem to taste much nicer then :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bee Cheng Hiang - 金尊肉干

美珍香, our favourite brand for Barbecued Meat since our childhood days; it's a real luxury to have these goodies then...

The brand had grow successfully through these years and had through intensive R&D; brought us many mouthwatering new product such as these Bak Kwa Sausages!

Gold, 金尊肉干 ($47.70/ kg)

This is our 500g pack. Everyone in the family loves them!

Its firm texture is a joy to bite into; imagine biting into layers of the common Barbecued Sweet Meat, all folded, compact in one bite. This is how wonderful it tastes.

Of course, i can't help missing the traditional square pieces of Bak Kwa; we had both then :)

New Year Warehouse Shopping Trip!

This morning, Mom and i joined our zone Resident's Committee on a 1 day shopping trip organized for the coming Lunar New Year.

So many Aunties and neighbours i've seen for the first time!

Our 3 buses entourage was joined by the many groups from other area zone along the stretch of Food Stuff Warehouses and Factories at Senoko South.

Bee Cheng Hiang Warehouse Sales at Senoko South.

Frangrance Foodstuff Warehouse Sales at Woodlands Terrace.

I'm finally here at Woodlands Terrace after hearing much about all the Food factories here!

Cars and buses ply the narrow roads leading to the Food manufacturers of household names such as, CS TAY, Bengawan Solo, Polar Puffs and Old Chang Kee.

After a quick lunch, we were driven to Chua Chu Kang Vegetable Farm for some fresh green buys.

Fresh Peanuts! Still attached to its roots!

Final stop to Song Fish Dealer located at Jurong Fishery Port Rd.

Frozen seafood stuff in abundance here. You should come in the morning to catch their freshest haul.

I had an enriching day with all the Aunties and Grandmothers in the neighbourhood; learning basic cooking tips and the How's of Vegetables selection.

It was tiring but fun.

We didn't buy much as we had already done our New Year shopping; we were just happily joining in the hustle of everybody's shopping :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Singapore Airshow 2010

Daring the furious sun, we stood under the kind shade of the greens along Changi Village Beach, gazing the sky for sights of the flying machines from the week-long biennial Singapore Airshow.

The flying display was a disappointment this year; as compared to our superb experience in Singapore Airshow 2008.

Apart from a few impressive aerial manoeuvres, the petite number of machines taking part in all the solo flying display is a bore to watch.

As Ric said, "We are not watching the planes in the skies; we are trying to find the planes (我们不是来看飞机的, 我们是来找飞机的). Hahaha..."

荣记, Ipoh Hor Fun

We were early for lunch today as we planned to catch the aerial display of the Singapore Airshow that starts at 1130am.

Our favourite stall at Changi Village Food Centre - Guang Xing only operates from 12pm sharp; so that left us with the other option - the opposite stall, Rong Ji Ipoh Hor Fun.

Ipoh Hor Fun ($3)

Mushroom Chicken Feet Noodle ($3)

Despite being all decked out with recommendations from our various local Foodie Talk shows, the fare from Rong Ji is only mundane.

The best part?
The well-braised Chicken Feet and crisply fried Dumpling :)