Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Black Pig Katsudon

OK, it's my FAULT! I forgot to load the Memory Stick into my DSLR, so please put up with these photos taken today with my Nokia ;-P

Tampopo's Black Pig  (黒豚) Katsudon was looking so delicious; i couldn't resist not snapping some pictures. We were at Tampopo 6th Anniversary in Liang Court! Congratulations!

Black Pig Katsu Don ($22.50, before 30% discount)

Eggs are wonderful ingredients; runny Eggs does it best! Their anniversary discounts promotion makes the expensive Katsudon Set very much an affordable indulgence.

Black Pig Shio Katsu Don ($20.50++, before 40% discount)

Shio Katsu are done up with salt; an Okayama variety of the standard Katsu. A drier but refreshing Don Set that's been drizzled with Yuzu citrus juice, having also heaps of green vegetables salad layered beneath the deep fried Black Pig cutlet.

Do the Greens give you a misimpression of it being a healthier Katsu bowl? Maybe. The Katsu cutlets today were indeed of a leaner portion than what we had here, last week ;)

Steam Gyoza ($5.80++, before 20% discount)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

View from the Top - Orchard Central

I much appreciate the tranquil F&B experience in vertically aligned shops in Orchard Central Mall, so we set about exploring the floors for more dining options; for planning of future outings ;)

Soaring 12 floors lays the Orchard Central Roof Garden, a gorgeously landscaped and sensuously lit plot which was well-deserving to be likened to the oasis in the heart of downtown Orchard Road.

This was but our first visit.

The Garden offers peaceful respite as we gazed upon quieted, yet breathtaking views of the cityscape from this vertical distance; from this other perspective...

High Tea at 阿一天下

The affordable High Tea Happy Hours Sets at Ah Yat Tian Xia lured us to the privately quiet 5th level of Orchard Central. We could really do with some peaceful snacking after the engaging shopping activities in crowded Orchard Road shopping malls.

Dining crowd at this hour here was scarce and service was warmly.

Shrimp Dumpling Ramen Soup + Coffee ($5.50++)

Well-textured Ramen, well-stuffed shrimp dumplings and well-boiled soup. We were well-impressed.

Deep-fried Pork Chop with French Fries + HK Milk Tea ($6.50++)

The teeny portion of scrumptious Pork Chop left much to be desired for; but we do respect quality over quantity. Served dipping hot, the plateful smells heavenly..

Coffee and HK Milk Tea, complimentary with High Tea Set.

We LOVE our Caffeine!! And more so when they were served in sexy and chic-looking cup and saucer set! The coffee was lovingly strong and bitter!

Serving the surprise complimentary Watermelon at the end of the meal; it's this little gesture that makes patrons feel well appreciated :)

Complimentary Fruits.

德记, Teck Kee Tanglin Pau

Steam Glutinous Rice Chicken ($1.50), Siew Mei ($0.70 x 2)

Afraid that Rice roll and porridge wouldn't feed my desirous appetite, i ran over to order some Dim Sum from Teck Kee Pau.

I had always love my Lo Mai Gai (糯米雞) and Siew Mei (Meat and Shrimp Dumpling in Wonton Skin); and it may seems fair to say that Teck Kee was way below par to our favourite Tanjong Rhu Pau, in terms of value and quality.

It fills the stomach though ;)

House of Rice Roll & Porridge

Rice Roll with Youtiao ($3.50)

I love 炸两, or Zhaliang! Zhaliang is one type of snacks popular in Guangdong China and Cantonese Hong Kong. It is made by tightly wrapping steamed rice sheets over Youtiao (fried dough).

And i was elated to find one of the better stall serving a decent rendition of the Zhaliang with 粥肠粉之家, along Killiney Road. The cross sensation of biting into crunchy fried youtiao and finely steamed rice roll in lightly tangy Soy sauce held me ransom!

This was our usually late Saturday lunch before our entering Orchard Road, the primary shopping belt of Singapore... 

Mixed Pork Porridge ($4.50), Fried Vegetable Spring Roll ($3.50)

Friday, September 24, 2010

番薯芋, Sweet Potato Yam ?

Sweet Potato Yam ($3 per kg)

Mum loves Sweet Potato, and Sweet Potato of any species or nationalities she tries them all. Today, she had so confidently nudges us to sample her new 'trophy' discovery from the market - a new species of Sweet Potato with Yam from Japan??

I had to agree, this has to be the sweetest Sweet Potato around.
Try sourcing your neighbourhood wet market for it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Moon Tonight..



All My Mooncakes, 2010!


11 Sept 2010 - Teochew Yam & Pumpkin MoonCake.

Brother bought these Teochew vegetarian mooncakes for Mom which i immediately cut it up for all to share. Teochew mooncakes have flaky skin similar to puff pastry, and uses filling typically of Yam instead of the usual Lotus paste. Eater Palace adopting Pumpkin paste as the Yolk was delightful.

Alas, these crusty Mooncake outlast its freshness by the 3rd day, microwaving doesn't help so you've got to consume it fast.


11 Sep 2010 - Tung Lok Mooncake, complimentary with purchase from Orchard Central

I had thought my addiction to Mooncakes was gone when i took the disappointing bite from Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant last week. But Tung Lok rekindle my zest for Mooncake once again! It was smooth, rightly sweeten, and of all fragrance; enticing me for a nibble, and then another :)

Its mashed salted egg yolk is delectable!!

Tung Lok Macadamia Nuts White Lotus

We had an assortment of Tung Lok Mooncakes - Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios, Egg Yolk White Lotus and Macadamia Nuts White Lotus. I had since promoted Tung Lok Mooncake strongly to all friends this season.


15 Sep 2010 - Goodwood Park Hotel, a corporate gift.

Goodwood Park's signature D24 Durian Snowskin Mooncakes has the Oomph! Every bite is generously filled with the rich creamy paste made from fresh pulp of D24 durians. It tastes less of a paste, close to having the real fruit itself! Simply delightful, and nobody want anything less than a quarter each time; the box was keenly finished!

Their Lotus Seed Paste with 4 Yolks baked Mooncake was equally impressive; suitably textured, sweeten. Goodwood Park, we should remember them for next year.


16 Sep 2010 - Victoria Peak 海都酒家, complimentary with purchase from Orchard Central

Hong Kong's Victoria Peak Restaurant Mooncake (low sugared) of White Lotus Paste with Double Yolks was delicately fine textured albeit the hard-centered salted duck yolk.


17 Sep 2010 - Concorde Hotel

Mum lugged 2 heavy boxes from Grandmother's place today, they were from 4th Uncle. I was pleasantly surprised that a local hotel had introduced low sugared Halal Mooncake!?

Its very much lavished packaging hard case box with 1 large Jade ornament was certainly eye-catching; if you wish to make a statement, you've just done it..


21 Sep 2010 - Royal China at Raffles Hotel, a corporate gift.

You could expect nothing less from Raffles Hotel. They are notably good by word of the mouth. Their Supreme "Kim Wah" Ham with Assorted Nuts Mooncake could well be the marquee attraction among their seasonal offerings!


Happy Mooncake Festival! 

With all intense effect in commercialisation the festival, we may soon know the anniversary as 月饼节。

Each year, we started the Mid-Autumn Festival with much caution of having too much Mooncake. As per year, Mooncakes poured in from all sources. What a festival!

I gained 1kg over Mooncakes this year ;)))

Monday, September 20, 2010

Morries 2 in 1 Multi Cooker !

In one of her whims, Mum suggested a mini steamboat fare for dinner. "Ok." I responded with faint enthusiasm as i don't expect much from her intended use of the 2-in-1 hotplate cooker for the steamboat cooking..

I was wrong, obviously..

Our simple fare of Fish fillet, Pork fillet, imitation Crab sticks, Taiwan Sausages, Prawns, Mushrooms and leafy Vegetables cooked up quite a storm in the mini Cooker! We could alternate between steam-cooking by covering the cooker with the glass lid or grilling style without the hood! 

WARNING: The Cooker smallness makes it ideal for twosome dining; more than 2 dining pax sharing may result in a brawl over the cooked food ;)

RedHill Duck Rice

Duck Rice Set for Two ($9.40)

Our favourite Duck Noodle in Redhill Lane Food Centre offers a good rendition of Braised Duck Rice too. The long lunch hour queue would most probably lead you to the stall.

I had hail them for delivering an honest and aplenty plateful without creating the illusion of an inflated plate by shalfing loads of cucumber slices below the meat pieces.

And you shall certainly be delighted when you tasted bits of mashed Yam in their Yam Rice..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival by the River 2010

In the mood for some lantern lightnings and city strolling, so we made plans for our rare participation in crowd raving events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival by the River 2010 at the River Promenade, besides The Central in Clarke Quay.

The crowds were out in force while we try to stroll leisurely along the faintly breezy river side... in a bid to soak up the atmosphere of the festive. The river was dazzlingly lighted up with crafted lanterns; with a host of cultural activities such as song and dance performances by performing troupes; festival traditions of lantern riddles and Chinese chess by its bay.

At another end of the river, there was a showcase of delicious Taiwan Delicacies that was drawing snaking queues, but we fail to rise to the physically wearisome challenge ;)

And these are our Chinese Zodiac lanterns! 

With the Pig (Ric) being the friendlier and happy animal, he is indeed :) I'm the grumpy, doodle-eyed blur Rabbit.. who gracious Pig embraces with love and kindness, all time..

Tampopo Dining Promotion!

Hurry down to Tampopo Japanese Restaurant today! They are having an anniversary promotion that gives you up to 50% discount off selected sets till end Sept 2010!

We were at Liang Court. Can't arrive at what to have for dinner until the huge promotion banners decide for us.

Tonkatsu Ramen ($15.90++, before 20% off)

It was no regret, upon my first sip of the full-bodied Pork Bone soup. The deliciously smelling bowl of Kyushu Ramen was yet pleasant and light enough for you to finish the entire bowl; i did so.

With none dehydrating after effect from MSG or over-salt. Good!

Black Pig Loin Tokusen Set ($25.80++, before 50% off)

And it seems uncalled-for to further elaborate on the merits of Tampopo's Black Pig tonkatsu. They are famously pride for serving one of the best Tonkatsu, Ramen and Cream Puff in Singapore!

What great value after the 50% price cut! It was juicy and good; a clear treat for fatty meat lover.
Are you?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

E-fu Noodles from Johor

E-fu Noodles (RM$10 for 3 packs)

We were so happy with the E-fu noodle bought during our last trip to Johor Yong Peng; Mum makes it a point to tow back packs of it on her repeat trip there today ;)

A little pricier than our usual E-fu noodle from the local market, but it was worthwhile for the richer taste and fuller textures. Remember to bring some back should you make a trip to this little noodle making factory in Johor.

红景园, 中国式料理 !

Steam Slice Beef, 水煮牛肉 ($6)

I was literally jumping for joy as i savored the spicily tongue-numbing beef from Hong Jing Yuan, a China Cze Char stall in NTU Canteen 1! It reminds us so much of the 水煮鱼 we had in China! This is authentic China styled cooking!

I was excited, even after a near 1 hour wait for our order.

Four Season Bean in Home Style, 干扁四季豆 ($4)

The opening of this stall in newly renovated Canteen 1 was certainly a gospel for the dominant population of China undergrads in NTU. What better way to cure homesickness with taste of country food!

We promise to be back for more!