Sunday, November 28, 2010

Basil Omelette

Ever done a Basil Omelette? It's pretty simple like most Omelets.. Eggs are the cheapest yet satisfying cooking ingredient! Thank God for Eggs, don't you think so?

1. Chop up some Basil leaves (from your garden if you have one, hehe, i have, and it's fast growing into a bush ;)
2. In a bowl, break up the Eggs with Basil, adding seasoning of Salt and Pepper.
3. Heat up an oiled frying pan for the mixture. Done.

This was for dinner tonight.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

NTU 金田日本

Bitten by Kaneda's bug, we were back to NTU Canteen 1 for more. As i've said, they are popular, judging by the weekend dinner crowd.

Start by placing your order at the counter before joining the queue, waiting for your cooking to be done ;)

And what's best here was, unlike most Japanese eateries who dish up small serving of food, the helping here were hefty in Japanese context. Look at the bowlful of rice! Wonderful.

Chicken Teriyaki Set ($3.50)

Fish Fillet Set ($3.50)

Two sets for our eating and 1 for takeaway to Papa. Of course, we gave him the tastiest set of Pork Teriyaki from Kaneda.

Pork Teriyaki ($3.50)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Favourite Muffins...

Muffins Assortment from Chocolat n' Spice

Knowing my brother and sister-in-law are coming home for dinner tonight, Ric pampered them by getting them our favourite Muffins ;) He had actually bought 12 numbers of them, but can't resist gorging up 2 before dinner time. Haha..

One of the new flavour we tried today are the Pumpkin, it's rather nice; I kept reminding Ric not to get the Banana Walnut ones.. despite our loves for the fruit.

Monday, November 22, 2010

1-for-1 Ribeye Steak Set

Creme Carrot Soup-of-the-Day with toasted Garlic Bread

We were finally at Marina Square Centerstage for Jack's Place 1-for-1 Ribeye Steak Executive Set Lunch ($15++) treats that was running for the month of November - exclusively for Maybank Credit Cardmembers.

So, was it a treat or trick?

New Zealand Ribeye Steak on Hotplate - Medium Rare

The smart reader could tell that this had been a more than perfect lunch. And it's today, i fallen in love with Baked Potato that's eaten with sour cream, bacon and chives!

A positively TREAT.

Coffee with Dessert of Cheese Cream Cake

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kaneda Japanese Cuisine

Salmon Teriyaki Set ($4)

The Japanese food in NTU Canteen 14 is losing its luster and we turned our attention to the new stall in Canteen 1 that's slowly gaining a reputation here. 

Pork Teriyaki Set ($3.50)

Salmon Teriyaki was a run-of-the-mill; it's the Pork Teriyaki that provides the 'wow' factor! I kept pinching it from Ric's plate but am not worry cause the serving is absolutely big. YES! 

'Tis a perfect mastery of bbq-styled porky! You know what i mean when you try ;)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Grandma's Sweet Braised Meat

This was another goody prepared by Grandmom using the leftover of Dark Soya Sauce from the Braised Eggs Recipe - Sweet Braised Belly Pork Meat. My eyes were practically drooling when Aunt served them to me!

1. Parboil the slab of Belly Pork Meat in hot water. Slice to your desired pieces and set aside for use. 
2. Low fire the pan with Dark Soya Sauce, frying the Mixed Spices till fragrant. (Mixed Spices Pack consists of Cinnamon, Chinese Star Anise and more - you could buy the pack off shelves easily from the neighbourhood grocery stall or Chinese Medical Hall.)
3. Add in the previously prepared pork, mixing it well in the pan.
4. As the Soya Sauce dries up, add in a little water to further simmer the pork.
5. When it's nearly done, stir in some Sugar or Rock Sugar before serving.

Seems easy right?
Makes you want to try your hands on it.

How to... Braised Eggs!

"If you got the chance to sample Grandma's Braised Eggs, you must. It tastes different, very good. The steps of Granny's cooking are often tedious, so i wouldn't wish to do..." Mom said. 

Recent years, Grandma has been weaken down by Stroke; getting a taste of her specified cooking would be one in a million chance... i lamented.

Today, I'm blessed with just what i hope for ;)
And asked Grandma for a revelation of her recipe! She was obviously in good spirit and filled me with all details and kitchen tips; i hope to share for the good of us all. 

1. After cooking the Eggs in hot water, cool the Eggs in cold tap water for 1 hour before peeling off its shell. The cooling process guaranteed ease of removing the egg shells.
2. In a dry pot, add Dark Soy Sauce to the Eggs, stirring it very often for 4 hours.
3. The eggs will gradually get coated in nice brown.

You could then eat the eggs directly - which we love to. Just like that! The remaining Soy Sauce can be use to prepare Braised Pork Knuckles, Braised Meat or Braised Bean Curd, with a choice of adding the Braised Eggs to it for a wholesome meal.

This is a surprisingly easy and good recipe; i'm withholding it from Mom for the time being ;)

Big Chwee Kway, 大水粿

Pin Wei has been in Pek Kio Market & Food Court Centre for the longest time; selling their famed Big Chwee Kway (大水粿), or Rice Cake that comes in 1 uniform plate serving; quite unlike all others which are individually smaller sized.

As what their signboard suggested, you should have their signature Yam Cake and Glutinous Rice - all served in 1 singular plate packing also. 

Chwee Kueh ($0.90)

Chwee Kueh is milled from rice, steamed and topped with diced preserved Radish. Their preserved radish, or Chye Poh topping is lesser oily for the health conscious. Note their tasty Chili sauce.

And Kueh of such fine pastey texture just might relief Grandmon's struggle with her weak bite!

Glutinous Rice ($1.30)

Ric thus packed all the 3 signatures dishes for Grandmom.

And i had never encountered any other food stall who serves Glutinous rice with Chye Poh? It was altogether delightful with fresh crunchy peanuts!

Yam Cake ($1.10)

Finally it's the Yam cake that brought the house down! It was smooth textured and generously stuffed with Mushrooms and Yam solids!

Aunt exclaimed that this is such value-for-money Yam cake ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

365 Potato Chips

365 Potato Chips, 200g ($3.45)

Do you realize 365 brands of processed food products have been piling the shelves of our local NTUC Supermarket? I was intrigued since its well-packaged merchandise seems to advocate a product that's both cheap and good?

So we start with the Belgium made, 365 Potato Chips of Paprika spiced and Salted flavors.

Looking like a convention Jack 'n Jill potato chips, these of 365 were slightly thicker and of better texture, a hint of 'burn' on some chips. You could taste the coarseness of the rough salt but it was never overwhelming like that of Ruffles which i find nauseating; i just had last week.

But as compared with Crunchips before, i would much prefer the former ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

九厘香 - 川菜小厨

Braised Beef with Carrots, 风烤牛肉 ($5)

Wow! So we discovered that our favourite stall for China fare in NTU Canteen 1 had another of their outlets in Canteen 14! Its signboard reads 九厘香; different from that of 红景园 but on a closer look - the menu is exactly the same!

Cooking wise; it's as good, if not better.
The mildly spiced braised beef we had today was a flavorsome melt-in-the-mouth.

Shred Black Fungus fried with Egg, 木耳丝炒蛋 ($4)

When i went to collect this dish of fried Eggs with crunchy Black Fungus & Onions, its aroma was already whiffing me hungry.

Yeah, and i finished the gigantic bowl of rice served; along with what Ric could not consume :)) Blissfully bloated!

Plain Rice ($0.20)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

News Reporting of 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou

Singapore has been broadcasting several opening ceremony of games in recent years; and ever since China awed the world with a gala opener to the Beijing Olympics two years ago, we watch these games opener with anticipation.

Tonight, China did it again! Marking the opening of the Asian Games 2010 with an hour long of  "Water" themed performances laurelled with extravaganza display of fireworks, lavish stagecraft - all held in the middle of Guangzhou Pearl River!

What's truly remarkable would be its collaborating of traditional Chinese firecracker with contemporary electronic stunts to light the cauldron tower, watch it here if you've missed it :)

Our heartfelt congrats and best wishes to the China people, having 500 years of rich cultural heritage and are moving forward at an amazing speed...!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

美记, Fried Carrot Cake

Fried Carrot Cake, black ($2)

Also in Geylang Bahru Food Centre, there's this stall of fried carrot cake that brother's been patronising; packing them back home for us. Just looking at the nice charred of the fried kueh and eggs might already leave you salivating.

A word of caution, the stall uses factory processed 'pillow-roll' carrot cake, not home-made ones; maybe that explains their generous serving portion. And they rest from 2-5pm daily.

Boneless Duck at Geylang Bahru

Although a standard plate of duck rice at Cheok KeeBlk 69, Geylang Bahru Food Centre had risen from $2.50 to the $3 now, it is still of very good value when you order a 2 person's combo to share.

For just $1 more, you got more duck meat, a braised egg, some duck's gizzards, heart and livers! Where in Singapore do you get such good deal of tasty braised duck rice?

Especially when the prices of Duckie in the local market had also gone up quite substantially of late; the price hike here is seen more than reasonable. So their lunch time queue continues.. ;)

Duck Rice Combo for 2 pax ($8)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

NTUC Gold Premium Arabica

Fairprice GOLD Premium Arabica Instant Coffee, 200g (Promotion priced $7.95) 

We were indeed surprised to see NTUC Fairprice Supermarket embarking on the premium class of freeze dried Arabica coffee! Of course, we've got to support their effort to bringing in the more affordable range of these fine goods.

The made in Germany coffee tasted as good as any of our domestic brands; i was quite impressed. Keep up the effort, Fairprice! In both pricing and quality.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cheng Tng for you?

Cheng Tng ($1)

This stall at Tanglin Halt doesn't skimp on the ingredients of their desserts, though most are priced at just $1.

Their Cheng Tng has all the works of Dried Longans, Barely, Gingko nuts, White fungus, red Jello, Seed of Sterculia and Sago Balls! What more could you ask for ;)

松记, Song Kee Seafood

Sweet Sour Pork and Stir-fried Vegetables

Was at the trio block food centre (Blk 1A, 2A, 3A) at Tanglin Halt for dinner before we do some supermarket shopping. I had wanted the Western Food but Ric was down with a bad throat and Flu of some sort that we decided on just some mainstream Cze Char from Song Kee.

Bitter gourd seafood soup, with rice ($13.80 + $1)

Song Kee has a variety of $13.80 dinner set for 2 that serves a few choices of meat, vegetables and soup; decent home cooked fare.

You wouldn't expect a splendid food affair for the price but i'm happy enough for their near zero MSG cooking.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Best Muffins?

(From top row: Carrot Walnuts, Banana Walnuts, Cheese x2, Double Chocolate & Chocolate Chips)

Like many in Singapore, Chocolat N' Spice is our favourite hunt for Muffins whenever we have a craving for these luscious bake - we love savoring the top crust of the muffins that's was crisp and slightly sticky from the caramelized sugar; don't you?

Muffins here are always seductively moist, softly spongy, buttery and out-of-oven-fresh! We love their Cheese and Double Chocolate flavours most. They are island wide famous; i hope you have tried them ;)

Priced at $1.20 for most their Muffins.

Homecoming Plants

As my office plants grow big, i was constantly worried on how i was going to get them all home? Afraid even to re-pot them for fear of transport difficulties.

Today, they were all home. And immediately, i put them into spacious roomy pots that would hopefully promotes healthy growth... i think they should be feeling comfortable and happy now :)

Japanese Bamboo, or Dracaena

This visually thin bamboo plant, commonly known as Japanese Bamboo in our Singapore community was scientifically named the Dracaena Surculosa, gold dust Dracaena or spotted Dracaena.

It was withering when i first caught sight of it... some 5 years ago? Lacking in proper watering, extreme sun condition and a small pot, the plant was suffering and ugly.

I asked to be given the plant, nursed it back to health by patiently feeding it with water till it began repaying me with new leaves buds! It was then, i decided, "You are coming home with me."

African Milk Bush, or Euphorbia tirucalli

Ric gave me this red-leaved African Cactus, the Euphorbia tirucalli from the family of Euphorbiaceae in Oct 2007, a whole 3 years ago! It's been experiencing a sudden spur these months; shooting high to reach a height of over 2 metres!

The growth was amazingly as i measured myself against the plant often. I was worried about the problem of transporting this thorny fellow home. But we made it; it now stands guard outside my bedroom's wall, and may it reach my window pane soon :)


Surveying the homecoming plants in my restful garden before i turned in for the night, i marvelled the thought of God putting Adam & Eve to live in the Garden of Eden - It was a garden that God planned for man..