Sunday, August 29, 2010


Crunchips, 175g (Carrefour, promotional $5.50 for 2 packs)

And the cause for my recent Flu? Snacking on prawn chips and potato chips as fresh fruits in our refrigerator ran out, while i had my eyes glued to the sporting events of the YOG on TV! Yeah...! ;)

But Crunchips was definitely worth it! We first bought 2 packs; like it so much we went back in a few days time and bought another 2.

It works on being thinly sliced and lightly flavored, the first bite might not impress but it soon will, as you relish on its aftertaste. Loves the original "Salted" best as we could taste the pure goodness of baked Potatoes!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fruits and more Fruits...

Fruit Plate Selection by Ric ($3.20)

I need fruits, lots, as i've mentioned for Fruits Therapy - a measure of Health Reconditioning ;)

After our long chat in the air-con cool Canteen 1 of NTU, instead of more drinks, fiber rich fruits from the fruits stall should do better.

5 piece each of sweet Agar-Agar jello, Honeydew, Watermelon, Pineapple, Papaya on the rock! Yes!

HK-styled Toast & Yuan Yang

Butter Thick Toast & HK Milk Tea Set ($1.80)

THis was what's on Ric's mind ALL the time during which the NTU campus was inaccessible during the YOG period - Thick Toast and Yuanyang Set from Wan Chai, Canteen 1.

We like it, enjoyed it.
And loves it for their most affordable price! Join me here quick!!!

20 Dumplings Plate

As soon as the curfew and tight security checks were lifted at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus which was used as the Youth Olympic Village (YOV), we were back to enjoy some laid back afternoon in the lush campus.

Meat Dumplings ($5 for 20pcs, $3 for 10pcs)

Have you tried having 20 dumplings all at once!? Haha... we been trying to find out. It should have been an enjoyable affair if not for the extra thick skinned dumplings from Sichuan Cuisine stall of Canteen 2.

It was definitely bloating, haha.

The vinegary dipping sauce was good for spicing things up a little. Still, we don't see ourselves returning for their dumplings. There's another new China food stall in Canteen 1; maybe we shall try them out soon ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fruits for Flu & Cold ;)

USA Blueberries from Hurst's Berry Farm, 125g ($1.98), Raymond Australia Strawberries, 250g ($2.95)

This my 2nd day of coming down with a mild Flu; adamant to recover over the period of this weekend, i stocked up on fruits to combat the virus. Wilfully believing that lots of fruits, rest and water will revive me soon..

Contrary to my belief that big sized Strawberries guarantees sweetness of the fruits, the ones from Raymond aren't tartly but tasted plain. The Blueberries were fine.

You see the yellowish Cheery Tomato at the rear? They are my new love! Crush one between your gums and it burst within the mouth superbly!

And of the goodness for partaking in fruits and vegetables of a variety of colors? I have now 3 here ;) these are my 'medicine' for the week, together with newly bought Oranges and Apples...

Duck Rice @ East Coast Park

Duck meat combination, with soy sauced rice and porridge ($14.50)

What a Friday morning with heavy downpour and an extended meeting that ended near 12pm! As the sky clears, lunch planned at the legendary 作记 Duck Rice and Duck Porridge @ East Coast Lagoon Park bought such cheer.. :)

Warm and beautifully gelatinous plain porridge was so... good for the soul, together with...

endearing Braised Duck Gizzard (鸭腱),

crunchy and tender Braised Pig Ears... all douse with their delectable braised black sauce and into the vinegary chili mix ;) Mmmm... am now feeling more than comforted!

The weekend looking brighter!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

龍發, Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah

Somewhat disappointed that Brother bought the much exalted Tau Sar Piah (Green bean paste pastry) of Loong Fatt Confectionery from 639 Balestier Road as i do not remember liking it; still i was game to give them another try.

Tau Sar Piah, Salty ($0.70 each)

And i do like them this time!

Yet to lose its oven warm, these crusty and buttery Chinese pastries was delightful; of course, i've got to admit i must have got an enlarged sweet tooth for embracing their palpably cloying Tau Sar Piah. I used to withdraw from it ;)

Having enjoyed the YOG Opening Ceremony immensely, we snacked on these Tau Sar Piah after a quick dinner to catch the YOG Closing telecasts on TV. Unanimously, the family agrees that Singapore could claim a splendid achievement putting the Game together..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YOG Soccer: Singapore CUBS!

Of the many sports Singapore's athletes engage in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG), i love most to watch our blooming boys from Singapore National Football Team of under 15 years old (U-15).

The most amazing things of watching the Singapore local team?

They are made up of Singaporean from different ethnic races! It's both fascinating and emotive to watch our Chinese, Malay, Indian, and even 1 Caucasian boy striving towards 1 common goal - to win pride for the country.

Their playing, working together and friendship shared exhibit true Singapore Spirit!

When they were defeated by crafty Haiti, we wept with the young hearts; when they bounce back from their semi-final disconcertment by blitzing Montenegro 4-1 to bag the bronze medal tonight, we rejoiced NOT for the medal but for these juniors who rekindled their spirits..!

FINALIZED YOG list of 18 Players - by Coach: Kadir Yahaya

Fashah Iskandar (Sports School)
Hamzah Fazil (Hong Kah Sec)

Syazwan Radhi (Sports School)
Jeffrey Lightfoot (captain) (Victoria School)
Illyas Lee (Sports School)
Dhukhilan Jeevamani (Punggol Sec)
Irfan Asyraf (Sports School)
Firdaus Sham (Hong Kah Sec)

Amirul Iskandar (Sports School)
Amirul Emmran (Hong Kah Sec)
Brandon Koh (Sports School)
Hanafi Akbar (Sports School)
Sunny Ng (St Gabriel’s Sec)
Jonathan Tan (Tanjong Katong Sec)
Bryan Neubronner (SJI International)

Syazwan Zin (Greenview Sec)
Muhaimin Suhaimi (Sports School)
Hazim Faiz (Sports School)

Players on standby:
Nursha’aban Razali (Fuchun Sec)
Azrin Hamdan (Victoria School)
Fatemy Firdouse (Sports School)
Osalli Rahim (Bedok View Sec)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IKEA Food Promotions!

We marveled to see some newly lowered price listings at IKEA's restaurant, in particularly the refillable Coffee  that's been lowered from $1 to just $0.50 a cup! Sweet deal.

10 piece Swedish Meatball of Pork and Beef was at $4 only, every TUESDAY till 31 July 2011! You had paid $5.50 previously! No wonder we are seeing most healthy teenage boys doing a twosome!

Fried Chicken Wings ($2.80 for 2, or $7.50 for 6)

No special promotion for the popular IKEA chicken wings, but it being wonderfully seasoned and perfectly deep fried to a skinned-tight frame proved compelling to many patrons; with or without promotions! You see Chicken Wings on almost every table ;)

Recapturing Dark Soy Sauce seasoned Chicken Wings of the good old days; right from the frying wok, in the homely kitchen where Mom laboured..

Botejyu: 2-in-1 lunch Concept

Having tried standard Okonomiyaki, we gave Botejyu's a miss and have a go with their $9.80++ weekday's special lunch set instead. We have a hearty meal.

Soup Udon + Salmon Set ($9.80++)

Take a look at these pictures and you shall easily notice the works of 2 different photographers; those beautifully proportional photos ABOVE were by Ric while the BELOW were mine :( :(

Nice pictures indeed makes the meal stands out..

Mini Pork Yakisoba + Tempura Don + Miso Set ($9.80++)

Making my lunch set looking of miserable quality, but it's definitely not!

The warmly hot-plated Yakisoba of thick handmade noodles were firmly elastic and smooth, having much ingredients of Pork slices that are of bacon character. Miso soup was dense and flavorful while the tempura was freshest. We made a pact to return ;)

A 'good' picture speaks a thousand words; but mine isn't one.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blood Donation... we failed :(

Ric and i had first complete a 3 page full health history questionnaire, registration by NRIC and screening interview by the gentle doctor on duty who also checks our blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

Proceeding to the blood test counter, we both failed our blood test for Hemoglobin level! Having not donated blood since my virgin donation on 27 Aug 2006, i was desperate! The passing point was 12.5; i had a marginal 12.3 while Ric was real low at 11.5!?

Floron Iron Supplement Tablets

We were sent back to the doctor who advised us on Iron intake and subscribed us Iron Supplement pills. With that, we were denied of any Blood Donation :( 

Looking at the blood donors who were doing their parts, i envied their eligibility... So let's start take care of our Iron intake from here! Nxt time, i shall make it; i hope.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prune Juices...

Del Monte Premium Prune Juice, 946ml ($4.45)

Any bands of Prune juices is fine with me, i like sipping them slowly, like chilled red wine. Its teeny bitterness amid sourness was what i liked best. Especially when you thirst, it quenches.

I had wanted the alcoholic Bailey's Irish Creme tonite but decided against it as i have an upcoming Blood Donation Drive tomorrow. Yes! Am looking forward to it!

Ah Mei Cafe - Roti Prata

Coffee with 1 Roti Prata Promotional Set ($2, not available from 12-2pm)

Ric kept hounding on not getting his caffeine fix yet, today. And Ah Mei Cafe in Chinatown Point Plaza was where we landed as he too wanted some snacks of his favourite Roti Prata ;)

As Ah Mei Cafe was by Banquet Holdings, their coffee cup was as big as what you get from their Banquet Foodcourts, so much value for money. It was unlike the miser cupful served in traditional china wares. 

All usual Ah Mei Cafe serves their Roti Prata with a minimum of 2 pieces purchase at $1.80; so this $2 promotion set was quite a steal.

For Ric, it was all worthwhile as he's so much in love with the crispy and airy Prata dough at Ah Mei's. But with its small sized Prata, eating just 1 ain't shiok, i had preferred the common ones that's sold in our Malay food stalls, cheaper ;)

But i applauded the pleasantly piquant dipping Curry for the prata, it whets the appetite.

Teochew Bakso BIG Fishballs

Fishball Noodle ($3)

Wondering what to have for dinner at People's Park Cooked Food Centre, i observed many aged uncles in the neighborhood wolfing up noodle bowl consisting of fat Fishballs and large slices of Fishcakes from stall #01-1088.

"It must be good", i thought. Trusting the taste of the elderly.

Ric explained that 'Bakso' may simply be a direct translation from Teochew dialect, meaning to parboil with hot water. If you love your Fishballs, give them a try here.

They are quite good, we shall say ;)

Small Antique Watches..

You love antique? I do.

Just when the fad is going for big watch, my heart goes to these petite sized antique watches of about 1cm diameter. Cast in full white gold, these mechanical winding watches cost about S$3K to own.

The only grouse, once you cut the bracelet to fit your wrist size, you have to get it weld back by a jeweler should you wish to lengthen it, and even that wouldn't guarantee you a perfect symmetry of the original.

The above were of Eterna and Rodania brandings, others may include Omega, IWC, Universal...
Just to share; but i do wish to splurge on 1..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vanguard Camera Bag!

Sydney 18-Olive color ($68)

Ric bought a stylish Vanguard Camera bag today as an upgrade from my Lowepro! Loving it so much i lug it around the house and wished to hug it to bed at night. Haha..

Sydney stays in position with thick comfy shoulder strap, having also front and side pockets for small items which are so essential for me. The customizable interior padding can also be removed to be a versatile messenger bag should i no longer use it for carrying my shots ;)

Most importantly it's light weight and provide quick access to my camera gear with its top zip and front openings. Love it!

7th Month Prayer - Buffet Catering

I kind of looked forward to the 7th Month Festival each year; not that i participate, i like catching the liveliness of the ceremony and joining in the little communal buffet after.

Buffet Menu (About $10 per pax)

Fried Been Hoon, Fried Rice, Mushroom Broccoli, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet, Roast Chicken, Fried Chicken Nuggets and Fried Dumplings (my kind colleague took a little of everything for my sampling ;))

Today food was provided by little-known Thomson Catering (Halal). It was quite good really; lowly salted yet maintaining its flavorfulness.

And sturdy Singapore Greenlabel 100% biodegradable wares made from Corn and Yam was adopted by Thomson. What an impassioned environmental effort..!

Yet on a later date, my colleague invited us to a 7th Month Prayer Makan, hosted by Deli Hub Catering (a subsidiary of Neo Garden). They were equally good, if not better! Burp...!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cafe Mosaic = Cafe Vic

Received a 1-for-1 buffet (Normal priced at $38++ per pax for lunch) voucher from Standard Chartered Credit for Cafe Mosaic at Carlton Hotel, and i make it a point to visit..

Formally named 'Cafe Vic', Cafe Mosaic was newly revamped as Carlton Hotel underwent their recent upgrading renovation works. The implicit and professional service by the waitresses enthuse us of the excellency of food awaiting at the buffet tables..

Not only were the boiled Prawns fresh, they were big sized :) Happy... And don't miss freshly shucked Oysters that were only served from their live Oysters station!

We missed... and am still antagonizing over it :(

Soft shell Crab Maki was good, together with Salmon and Octopus Sashimi.

Ric took a little bit of everything from the Salad counter and we ended up with this assortment plateful of refreshing green vegetables, fruit salads, mushroom potato salad, chilled Japanese Octopus and Jellyfish!

After some robust drink of creme Cauliflower & Carrot, Winter melon & Pork rib soup with the array of Breads and Cheese (Blue cheese included), we couldn't wait to proceed to the Mains ;)

Cream Mussels!!

Tender Beef Goulash!

Crispy roasted Pipa Duck.

Seafood Curry.

What's not in picture? Oyster Omelet and Mee Rebus from the live cooking station, Gong Bao Chicken, John Dory Fish Fillet in Miso and Fried Rice from the buffet dish.

Boncafe Cappuccino and Latte.

We prepared ourselves for their substantial array of desserts with Caffeine. Yeah, we were already bloated by now.

From the whole cake section, i took the Pink Lady, Durian, Chocolate, Cheese cream and Green tea Cake.

Packed with fresh durian pulp and covered with light cream, the Durian cake scores! Pink Lady and Chocolate fared well too.

Bewitching Bread & Butter Pudding and Chocolate Pudding.

After these and countless mini pastries, cakes, tarts and Ice-cream, please partake from the fresh fruit platter for healthy reason ;) especially the honeyed Pineapples. Or from the full sized bananas, pears and apples in fruit baskets!

Cafe Mosaic has one of our better buffet experience in all. Food quality was commendable, great dining ambiance and serving staffs were always on their toes. Am looking forward to another meal here, and the next time i wouldn't miss the Oysters!