Friday, May 24, 2019

Lunch @ Sakuraya Fish Mart (West Coast)

Been a long time, Sakuraya Fish Mart.

They used to be a small outlet offering raw seafood; now they are a full fledged restaurant for some nice Japanese home cooking. Nothing spectacular, but definitely soul food for me.

I recommend their value-for-money lunch menu; and you come decide if my claim is right.

Wasabi Flavoured Octopas ($3)


Swordfish Sashimi, market price

Half Udon (part of $13 lunch set), Salt-grilled Squid ($11)

California Maki (part of $13 lunch set)

Thursday, May 9, 2019

d' Good Cafe - Singapore Coffee Musuem @ Jewel

Hainanese Chicken Roulade & Risotto Balls (19.50++)

Ling Cod Fish & Chips ($22++)

Cappuccino ($5.50++)

I was preoccupied with online games; yet blessed with R who sought out new places for us to visit. The Jewel is his plan for our date today. And the newly opened d' Good Café is having a 1-for-1 lunch promotion.

You tasted sincerity in their food here, it was as good as the price you would pay, even in full. The juicy chicken roulade is accompanied by a luxurious foie gras. The Ling cod fish was firm and sweet. Yes, we enjoyed our steak.

Of course you would end your meal here with a cup of their home roasted bean coffee. It is the boss's passion. Alas, we were too full for their signature cake - the little Nyonya.

Grilled Beef (Choice of Ribeye/ Tenderloin, $30++ each)

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Sanook Kitchen @ West Mall

Deep-fried Sea Bass with Thai Chili Sauce ($24.90++)
Clear Tom Yum Soup, Seafood ($5.90++)

Having good experience with their fresh seafood, we returned to try their other dishes. It was our first with Thai prawn fish cake; our usual being the fish cake - the cheaper and more common one. Recommend you try the prawn fish cake too, at least once. It's worth it.

After today, we returned a few times. And our usual would be the pineapple rice, clear tom yum soup (one of the best we came across), and prawn cake. The sea bass you see here is a disappointing one time order.

Pineapple Rice ($5.90++)

Homemade Prawn Cake ($11.90++, 4 pcs)

Basil Squid ($9.90++)