Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Overnight Oats - My Daily Breakfast

Banana Fresh Milk, with Oats, Chia seeds and Walnuts


7 Tbs Rolled Oats
1/2 Cup Fresh Milk/ or Soya Bean Milk/ or Yogurt 
1/2 Tsp Chia Seeds
Topping (Optional): Nuts or Fruits of your choice.

This has been my weekday breakfast for the past 4 months - 7 tablespoonfuls of rolled Oats with fresh Soya milk and Chia seeds. Now you don't freak out, because this is a tasty and healthy breakfast to start a busy morning. And it kept me well energized till lunch.

1. Chia seeds, Rolled Oats and few Raisins with Melon seeds.

2. Pour in Soya milk, with just enough to cover.

Every evening, i'll prepare the oats for the next morning. The Chia seeds and rolled oats will go first, then the milk poured to cover them sufficiently. Left in the refrigerator, the oats would have softened up by the next day. Even if you have a change of plans, the oats can be kept till the second morning. My hour journey to the office, left it at a comfortable temperature for consuming. This recipe is certainly more manageable than cooking up a hot gooey cereal paste for breakfast. 

Selecting cow milk over soya milk yield a creamier mix, so we didn't like it so much. It can be made with yogurt too. But our favourite is still the soya milk. And do try to include Chia seeds as it adds a delightful crunch to the otherwise dull mushy bite of the soaked oats; or consider melon seeds and raisins (Lowan Original Harvest has all of this). Play around. Find a taste that best suits you. 

We experiment with the many brands of fresh Soya milk and rolled oats available in our local supermarket. Our favourites are the NTUC Hi-Calcium Fresh Soya Milk Reduced Sugar, 1L ($1.55); NTUC Rolled Oats, 1kg ($4.35); Lowan Rolled Oats, 1kg ($5.75); Lowan Original Harvest, 1kg ($7.95)

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